Harford County Chapter is active all year...and wants volunteers
The Harford County chapter of Ducks Unlimited begins their year by constructing, installing and maintaining the forty or
so wood duck boxes in the Sennett Marsh and Days Cove.  Then in April, they organize the Western Shore DU Fun
Shoot tournament which draws shooters from around the state.  If that's not enough, we host a spring Wine Festival at
Boordy Vineyards, a Summer Golf outing fund raiser, and participate in the Upper Bay Greenwing fun day for kids.  The
fall brings the Sponsor Dove Hunt and the traditional Dinner/Bullroast fund raiser.

Between major DU events, many of the committee members shoot clays, fish and hunt together. This past year,
committee members Hunted ducks and pheasants in the Prairie Potholes of North Dakota, Snow Geese on the
Eastern Shore and some even chased ducks and doves in Argentina!. We would like you to join us in some of our fun.

We work hard for wetlands conservation...and we play hard too. If you might be interested in becoming a Harford
County committee member,
all you need to do is email Jason Schlosser, chapter chairman, The fun is just about to begin
Harford County Committee members : Roy Brintnall, Scott
Waterworth, Ron Jasion, Jason Schlosser, Chip Heaps, Scott
Jasion in
North Dakota
Installing wood duck boxes in Days Cove
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